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Saving Souls, Equipping Saints, Go To Nations & Disciple Others

Good News of Jesus Christ

Step 1: Saving Souls

The first step that an individual must take is to be born again.  You will find a series of topics that are about salvation.  Why do we need to get saved?  What happens at salvation?  What is salvation?  How is the child of God to view their new life in Christ? 

What We Must Believe About Jesus To Be Saved

Doctrine About Jesus

Step 2: Equipping Saints


This is some of the basics of Christianity.  The course is written and audio teachings.  The course as a workbook with questions to answer and a answer key.  Start the course by clicking the button.

This is what Children of God must know about the Spirit.

This is everything that a child of God must know to study the Scriptures.

Step 3: Get Ready To Go To Nations

This is what Children of God must know to communicate the Gospel.

Extra Credit

This is what Children of God must know about Church History.

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