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Get The Biblical Theological Teachings, foundational teachings or knowledge to grow in the knowledge of the Lord.

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Do You Want To Get Closer To Jesus, Answer God’s Ministry Call On Your Life? These Classes Will Equip You.

Creating E-Bible Ministry School 

We are creating the curriculum and we will translate the teachings into every language we can for access to training that is affordable for western countries with free access for 3rd world countries.  There are 3 billion online now, 6 billion online by 2020.  We have a small window of time to get the training ready with the translation work.

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Contribute To The Lord’s Work For Free Bible Training To 3rd World

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This website is about Jesus and equipping others to fulfill God’s calling on their life.    However, I know most individuals will want to know about me.  My name is Martin.  I am the founder of with a Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies, Minister of the Gospel for 20 years that served as full time staff minister for Eight Years (Minister of helps, Young Adults and Youth).

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