Bible Truth / Not Tradition

1. Spiritual union in Christ resurrected body in heavenly places is the Church in spirit/Not the traditional Roman Constantine 325 established church building in the physical

2. Church term means to be called out of. What? This physical realm we are called out of transitioned into the state of the realm of Spirit into Christ body as many members of His body in spirit as a spiritual race/Not a physical Church building, assembly or gathering

3. New testament historical believers gathers in cities to go preach house to house, Solomons porch, Mars Hill, temple and mission jouneys/Not listen to sermons spoon fed weekly without self learning or preaching to others

4. Elders would point to Jesus to say this is how scriptures say to follow, hear or serve Jesus, deacons would meet needs of widows or orphans and bishop would oversee that deacons did not overlook any need/Not a 3 tiered hierarchy of pay position in a physical Church building

5. Assembling of yourselves together is remaining in Christ not to forsake the faith separating from Christ is separating from one another according to I John 1 in context of our fellowship/Not showing up to a church building that is physical is not forsaking fellowship

6. Scripture defines gifts of salvation, grace, faith, spirit, Jesus, righteousness and eternal life/Not gifts of the Spirit

7. The realm of the spirit flows from Jesus as the one that functions in 5 fold through believers, spirit of Christ manifests the manifestations of I Corinthians 12 and God the workings of Romans 12 through us as vessels given according to I Corinthians 12 as He wills according to our faith/Not the spiritual gifts of Ephesians, I Corinthians or Romans

8. There is one ministry in Christianity only the ministry of the Spirit or ministry of reconciliation/Not offices or ministriesThis is truth and Tradition is man’s attempt to have ownership, power, or control over what belongs to God. We must repent from where we have fallen and yield ourselves to Christ. Humble ourselves that He is exalted not our egos.

Christ / Not Culture

Jesus is truth/Culture comes from the root word Cult

Truth is absolute/Not relative meaning there is your truth for you and my truth for me

Speaking God’s gospel is love/Not intolerant, judgmental or unloving

God sees saved or unsaved people/Not color, races or nations

Marriage is between a man and woman/Not man with man or woman with woman

Scripture has one interpretation what it meant to those it was written to in that day/Not what it means to you or meGod’s will for your life/Not your will for your life


Make the 4 most important choices in your life first. Each person has 24 hours a day. 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work and 8 hours with family and friends. Make these choices correctly you’ll have a fulfilling life.

1. Make Jesus your Lord and savior

2. Fulfill Gods work for your life that yeilds you money while you preach his gospel. You Manage your own livelihood as a manager to pay yourself. One third of your life is spent working.

3. Pick a Godly spouse and Godly friends that manage their lives well. One third of your life is spent with spouse.

4. Pick a nice mattress. One third of your life is spent on it.Manage your life/Not mismanage your life

What is managed grows and what is mismanaged is lost

Learn discipline and self control:

People mismanage diet are fat.

People mismanage money are poor.

People that mismanage time have no quality time.

People mismanage relationships have no quality people around them.

People mismanage their self have bad attitudes, make bad choices and speak according to their mindset.

Conclusion: Learn to manage your life according to His purpose to establish God’s kingdom on Earth. Do business until I come Jesus said. Jesus said the borrower is a slave to the lender. Your job is what they pay you to do, your work is what you were born to do. Kingdom work for your livelihood with what you have. You have an oven cooking business. You have a computer sell other peoples products online. Fund the kingdom of God. Learn the scriptures.