Introduction To Ministry Course


What is in this course?

Introduction to Ministry Course Product;

Module 1: Plan of God
Module 2: Creation
Module 3: Dominion
Module 4: Marriage
Module 5: Fall of man
Module 6: Cross
Module 7: Law vs. grace
Module 8: 3 elements for salvation
Module 9: What happens at point of salvation
Module 10: Four stages of spirit
Module 11: Cost of discipleship
Module 12: Spirit power to live overcoming life
Module 13: Call of God the great commission
Module 14: Minister of service
Module 15: Minister exercising authority
Module 16: Minister discerning spirits
Module 17: Minister spirit compasity
Module 18: Minister in prayer, preaching and worship
Module 19: How to study scripture
Module 20: Tithing
Understanding the Bible in 100 scriptures and concepts (Systematic chronological layout)

Each module has an audio lecture, Written Content, Quiz and scripture to memorize
Each course time to complete the work is approximately 20 minutes. Total course work load is approximately 6 hours 40 minute
Understanding the Bible in 100 scriptures and concepts is approximately 4 hours.


Introduction To Ministry Course Product:

This Ministry course is designed to explain the biblical plan of God from eternity to the revelation of Jesus Christ as it relates to our relationship to God. This is a chronological systematic layout that will open the eyes of your understanding to God’s plan and purpose for your life. The course will train you on how to mature in spirit. This will serve as a foundation for you to know how to follow Christ. The structure to answer the call as a minister of reconciliation. Training to use the authority of Jesus name. The power of the spirit to witness and to have the compasity of the spirituals of I Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4 and Romans 12. The power of the fruit of God’s spirit and abiding in Christ to produce a harvest of souls. His work through us to influence this world system of darkness with the power and light of the kingdom of Christ unto salvation for the saving of the souls of mankind through the gospel. The objectives of this course: Knowledge of the Plan of God veiled in mystery and revealed in God manifest in Christ Understanding of Scriptures as the revelation and testimony of Jesus Christ. Wisdom to influence as minister of reconciliation of mankind to God in Christ.