This website is about Jesus and equipping others to fulfill God’s calling on their life.  However, I know most individuals will want to know about me.  My name is Martin.  I am the founder of http://goodnewsofjesuschrist.org.  

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies. 
  • Minister of the Gospel for 20 years  
  • Street ministry
  • Marketplace Ministry
  • Traveling Minister
  • Websites
  • Teaching Material
  • Technology & Audio
  • Served as full time staff minister for Eight Years (Minister of helps, Young Adults and Youth) 
  • Restored houses: Hurricane Katrina for one year to minister to owners 

We offer affordable classes to western countries and working towards creating free classes for 3rd world, so that the saints can be equipped to fulfill God’s call on their life.  We are not a 501c3 organization, so your offering is non deductible!  Why not a 501c3?  When You Become A 501c3, you are stating that the government establishes your ministry not the Lord.  When you incorporate a company, it is a fiction entity established by the government.  This is the Lord’s Ministry.  Incorporate means to unite in as one body, which means we unequally yoke the Lord’s work with the world system according to I Corinthians.  Jesus established the work.  We do the Lord’s work not for tax exemption, but for the Lord.  I know that you do support the Lord’s work for souls as well, not for tax breaks.  We finance this work as much as we can, since we work it full time we are limited as well.  Support from Servants of the Lord is essential.  We are creating an online college that will be translated into other languages for the other 3 billion souls that will get the online connection by 2020.  We have a short window to get this work complete, be a contributor to funding this work for the Lord.  Support what the Lord is doing, click here now!

Sharing The Good News Of Jesus Christ

Reaching 30 Countries


Website Reach  Audio Listens

  39,224                      50,000    

    Total: 89,224

Evangelism Outreach: Salvations all year.

Since 2012

Website Reach                       Audio Listens

 142,093                  183,845




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